New Feature! - Reply by email

Hey everyone (@AP92, @Joel, @deviousphil, @stevela, @reecegoodall, @Anjana, @Lorraine, @CptKirky, @Giles, @emmasmith, @acw180, @OrangeLad, @GipsyDanger).

Forums just gained yet another super power. Reply by email!

Now you can respond to all threads using email. When you get a notification just hit reply and send an email. Discourse will handle the details.

Additionally the email address’s,, and will all create new threads in their respective categories.


If we want to post a new topic through e-mail do we just send it to ‘category’ What about subcategories e.g. show reports?

No. Each category needs to be told what email address it needs to look at.

If open the Edit panel on a category, and click settings there is a box in there for a email address. Just enter something like show-reports, or showreport. There is no need for an @ or the domain.

I have setup addresses for: Exec (exec), IT (it), Shadow the Exec (shadow), Projectionists (proj) and DMs’ (dm).

P.S. The show report email is

Ah that’s great, thanks!