New Moon... New Misery!

Ok, so… this is the film to make Twilight look good. Thus far, it has an IMDb rating of [size=24]4.5[/size] from nearly 16,000 votes :!: Twilight’s 5.9 from 88,000 compares rather favourably :smiley:

On the Rotten Tomatoes scale, Twilight has managed 49% compared with it’s sequel’s even more miserable [size=24]30%[/size] :!:

With their so called ‘top critics’, the disparity increases from 19% to [size=18]28%[/size] :!:

Surely a good shout for some Razzies next year? Well, here’s to hoping :slight_smile:

Sorry Gaby, but the facts don’t usually lie :?

Didn’t stop it from breaking the box office record for day of release.

And won’t stop me from watching it because of the ton of topless guys in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’d explain how it’s gotten so many low votes so rapidly :!:

Not exactly shocking news given that the Director from the first film left because the production company wouldn’t give her the time to make the film properly. I still think it’ll do well though. A lack of quality didn’t stop the Harry Potter franchise after all.