News team, assemble!

Looks like Ron and the gang might be back soon for more Anchorman fun! :smiley:

I got excited too soon. :frowning:

Oh Ron, what will come of you nowwwwwwwwwwwww?!? :cry:

Second consecutive reply on my own thread (I’m on a post binge):

Director Adam McKay said that the never-to-be sequel was going to be a musical! Or maybe he’s just yanking our collective chain.
If true though, I’m kinda glad it didn’t happen. I’ve got nothing against musicals (as some of you judgingly know…), but I feel it could have spoilt my appreciation of the classic antics of Ron and co.

Sounds like he may have been joking. I can’t really see them doing a Broadway stint (especially with the cast being as expensive as they are). I agree with you about the the musical version not sounding too good though (although less so about not having anything against musicals. Maybe if everyone stopped breaking into song I might enjoy them more).

I finally just got round to watching the piecemeal ‘alternate’ Anchorman: Wake Up, Ron Burgundy. It’s basically 90 mins of extra footage they shot during Anchorman but didn’t use - some of it is just the same scenes with the actors riffing different jokes, but the main difference is that it centres around an alternate subplot about a group of radicals who hate the news and try to take Channel 4 down (as opposed to the panda bear pregnancy). It’s subtitled ‘The Lost Movie’, and is pitched mostly as a follow-on to the first using lots of contrived narration. Doesn’t really work as a sequel as there are far too many parallels, but still an enjoyable evening in with Ron and the gang :slight_smile: