Oscar nominations

They’re out:

Predictions, anyone?

I’d say Wall-E was a safe bet for Best Animated Feature Film.

I can’t make any predictions until I’ve seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Why isn’t Persepolis up for best animation and how come Waltz with Bashir isn’t in there either, fair does it’s up for Best foreign language film, but come on!

Also does anybody know why some categories have only three films running and others five? Is it just those that are ‘worthy’ or are there any particular rules.

I agree about the animated section. Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir deserved nominations at least (especially considering Kung Fu Panda was only alright and Bolt doesn’t look that amazing. I guess Wall-E has it in the bag now.

I’d go for Mickey Rourke for best actor (he was very good in the Wrestler), Heath Ledger for best supporting actor and Waltz With Bashir for best foreign film. Not sure about any of the others though.

I think The Dark Knight deserved a bit more recognition. It is obviously a lot more mainstream than they tend to go for but its been one of the most successful and (judging from IMDB) most enjoyed films in years. To only get one serious oscar nomination (ignoring things like Best Make Up, Best Editing, etc) seems like a snub.

Looks like Kate Winslet won’t be winning another double, and surprisingly nominated for The Reader and from what I have read (I haven’t seen either) she is better in Revolutionary Road.

I think Wall-e is a bit of a no brainer to win!

The Times is saying that 5 of the 6 top ones are dead certs (I know, they will be wrong, but that’s what they’ve said!)

Anywhos, they reckon that Slumdog, Danny Boyle, Mickey Rourke, Kate Winslet and Heath Ledger are all shoe-ins :-s

Persepolis was nominated for best animation but lost out to Ratatouille, I’m not sure if waltz with bashir was elegible for best foriegn film and best foriegn film