Oscar snubs

With the Oscars coming up I thought I’d post a link to Empire’s list of Oscar snubs. Not sure I agree with most of them but I would have liked to have seen Sam Rockwell and Sharlto Copley get nominations. Anyone else got any suggestions for films/ actors that deserved recognition?

On a similar note, Total Film have compiled a list of 14 films that didn’t win any Oscars.

Some crackers in there, in addition to a couple of films I’ve never heard of :huh:

I definitely agree with most of these. It’s pretty shocking how some of the most influential films ever made were ignored in favour of films that have now largely been forgotten. Pulp Fiction, Citizen Kane, King Kong and City of God stand out as being particularly bad snubs. Not sure I agree with the Rocky bashing in the Taxi Driver section though.

Another year, another list of “Oscar injustices”.


It got me thinking though. Maybe they should have retrospective Oscars too. For example, they could rehold the vote for films released exactly 10 years earlier. It would be interesting to see what changed/stayed the same.