Outdoor Screening '15 Film suggestions

A place to suggest films for the 10th WSC Outdoor Screening (seeing how we will almost probably be able to do it somewhere…). All the previous films we’ve done are in a list below and have all been animated “kids” films. Feel free to suggest anything, though “U” or “PG” rating is preffered, and no more than 120 mins runtime.

2006: Finding Nemo
2007: Ice Age
2008: Shrek
2009: Monsters, Inc.
2010: Wall-E
2011: Up
2012: How to Train Your Dragon
2013: Kung Fu Panda 2
2014: Despicable Me

Also, Lego Movie might be available in 35mm. I’ve sent an e-mail to ask about it…

Wreck-It Ralph!!

Okay so there is a 35mm copy of Lego Movie. Wreck-it Ralph is a shout.

Other options include: Madagascer, sequels to films above (How to Train Your Dragon 2 is great, but we’ve already shown it twice this year), or sequels to Pixar films we showed in te All-nighter.

Could also show Bug’s Life. That holds up (Kevin Spacey :heart:) plus has nostalgia factor associated to it.

Would be best if we could have a film by the end of the week. Please respond!

Monsters vs Aliens! But also support Wreck-It Ralph

I don’t think Wreck-It Ralph has the same appeal as the The Lego Movie.

Also just imagine Everything Is Awesome blaring out across the land. It’d be worth it just for that. And from a marketing perspective there’s lots of fun you could have with LEGO. You could build a model of the new Teaching and Learning Centre on Tocil and then smash it into a million itty bitty pieces. Or you could build the real thing from LEGO. It’d probably go up faster.

And this is a truly depressing thought but A Bug’s Life may not have the nostalgia factor you think. It be a little to old for the freshers. If you don’t do it on campus and expect a slightly older audience I’d say it’d be a great choice though. If any of the freshers disagree please correct me but some of them would only have been 2 when it came out.

Or Pacific Rim.

Tonight, we are cancelling the Outdoor Screening!!!

I agree with this. I think given that we’re fighting against the odds with a less than perfect location, we need a film that will play more to our benefit. Lego movie has mass appeal; Wreck-it Ralph doesn’t.

@AP92 Can we show a scope film for outdoor screening? (Lego Movie is scope)

I vote for Bugs Life

My vote would be for The Lego Movie.

Wreck it Ralph!

But above all else it needs a good soundtrack (so not the bugs life).


Sorry the outdoor screenings been cancelled…

I’m sure @reecegoodall would approve https://youtu.be/dEaOhaxka8g

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I just don’t know what to say to this…

Do you wanna build a snowwwww man?

Why has it been cancelled?

I think @AP92 was joking :slight_smile:

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