Outdoor Screening 2013

At the end of the summer term, WSC will hold its eighth annual outdoor screening. The previous films (listed below) have all been animated, but 2013 may be the year to break the mould. What film (preferably a ‘U’ or ‘PG’ and no longer than 120 minutes) would you like to see on Tocil field this summer?

Outdoor screenings
2006: Finding Nemo
2007: Ice Age
2008: Shrek
2009: Monsters, Inc.
2010: Wall-E
2011: Up
2012: How to Train Your Dragon

Let’s go with the best animated film of the bunch this year: Rise of the Guardians: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1446192/

It comes in at 97 mins, is a PG and is in X-Wide. Our cinema has yet to screen the film, it is not scheduled this term and I don’t believe that there are plans to screen it next term.

A film that speaks of the wonder and dreams of childhood is beautifully brought to life by Dreamworks Animation and a score by the acclaimed Alexandre Desplat (Kings Speech, HP7 Pt. 2, Moonrise Kingdom). A grandiose adventure, where the mischievous Jack Frost (Pine) is called upon to assist the overwhelmed Guardians (Tooth Fairy, Santa, Sand-Man, Easter Bunny) in their fight to save the children of Earth from the clutches of the recently returned fear-wielding Pitch (Law), and in doing so prove himself worthy to join the ranks of the aforementioned Guardians.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPLiBxhoug0

Voice Cast:
Protagonist - Chris Pine
Antogonist - Jude Law

  • Alec Baldwin
    - Hugh Jackman
    - Isla Fisher

Whilst promoted as a Christmas/Holiday film, this really is not anything of the sort (most the events happen around Easter… and only part of it takes place in the north-pole). Undeniably a children’s film, however following in the best traditions of Pixar the story contains adult motifs: of reluctant heroes, the protection of the innocence of children as a primacy, the difficulties of dealing with unwanted responsibilities and failure and that power gained through fear is caustic.

Though I will admit that it isn’t quite up there with the likes of Up, Wall-E and Toy Story - it is not far off (certainly an improvement on Brave) - and it is certainly the best offering this year (though admittedly I’ve yet to see Wreck-It Ralph, and would be willing to amend my opinion then). Though, as How to Train your Dragon proved: we don’t need a great film, we just need a good film (and this is the best you’re going to get with new release animation).

I think it would be nice to do something a bit different. We seem to have fallen into the trap of thinking the outdoor screening MUST be an animated film and have ended up overlooking lots of great films. There’s no grand reason for the film being animated. It just ended up happening for a few years because we used to think it had to be a u so there were fewer choices. Something like back to the future, Indiana Jones or star wars would be awesome (I know some of these have availability issues but I wanted to use them as examples of films that have often not been considered).

‘If’ we’re thinking of an animated - not that we necessarily are - I think that Despicable Me, Megamind or Kung Fu Panda could do exceedingly well, especially Despicable Me as the sequel comes out this summer and I don’t know specifically know anyone who doesn’t like Kung Fu Panda

If we were going down the animated route, I think Harry’s suggestion of showing a film with a sequel due out over summer (Despicable Me) is a good idea as the film will be fresh in people’s minds. However, something a bit different could be great… I’ll second George’s suggestion of ‘Back to the Future’ if we can get hold of a print (PG, 116mins, and generally well liked!)

Back to the Future is digital-only these days; however, Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. are available in 35-mm.

It is likely that Despicable Me will be withheld because the sequel is released on 28th June, which is the week of the outdoor screening.

What would the quality of the prints be for Raiders and E.T. (when was the last re-print)?

I’d have to check; the most recent screenings at WSC have been in 70-mm.

A couple of other non-animated suggestions:

The Muppets

Before anyone suggests The Lion King, it has been withdrawn.

Were an animated to be gone with, if it doesn’t have to be a U this does open up the possibility of Coraline, which I think would do quite well.

Other than that, for non-animated, something like Stardust (notice a theme?) might be nice to try; I don’t know how well it’d necessarily do, but it’d certainly be different.

I would prefer something like either Gremlins or Ghostbusters if we could get either of them.

Or a Monty Python under the stars.

Hm… may be a bit late to join this party. but if we’re showing an animated film, i’d agree with tim and recommend Rise of the Guardians. for those of you who enjoyed how to train your dragon, this is definitely the latest masterpiece from dreamworks.

not so sure about the muppets… quite a few people i know (including one of our beloved projectionists) are somehow scared of puppets. D:

As announced at the programming meeting, please make your suggestions for the outdoor screening before the AGM on 6th February. A shortlist will be compiled from your suggestions, with the film to be decided at the first meeting of the new exec.

Here is the shortlist presented at the exec meeting last night:
*]Raiders of the Lost Ark
*]Kung Fu Panda
*]The Muppets

I thought Raiders and Kung Fu Panda didn’t due to being in scope? And what of Gremlins?

May I enquire as to why Rise, Despicable Me and Megamind didn’t make the cut when both Coraline and King Fu Panda did?

The X-wide aspect ratio is preferable but not essential. Gremlins is digital only.

Despicable Me will be withheld (see above). I think Coraline and Kung Fu Panda are better options than Rise of the Guardians and Megamind.