Paranormal Activity

I just watched it tonight (yes, it’s not even out here yet but my housemate found a US DVD leak) and can safely say it’s pretty freakin’ scary. The kind of tense stuff that made Blair Witch great.
I don’t know if I’d go so far as to agree with Empire’s recent ravings, but it certainly made for an enjoyable Halloween frightfest :twisted:

However, I don’t think we missed out by not getting it on the spring schedule. But I would recommend a home viewing to anyone who likes the whole camcorder/faux-real style.

Saw it at the cinema tonight. Was pretty good. Got to say I laughed a lot during what was obviously supposed to be one of the scarier moments but overall it was very unsettling. No idea why the hell they carried on going to sleep.
I would recommend showing it to any small children you know or elderly relatives with heart trouble.

The inevitable sequel has been announced, being directed by the guy who churned out Saw VI.

Haha, there’s been little kiddies watching it in Italy and finding it a bit scary!