Pasta Hut?!?!

For those of you that haven’t noticed, Pizza Hut have decided to rebrand themselves Pasta Hut to give themselves a healthier image. Its for a trial period only and they have an online vote here.

If we don’t stop this rebranding the next thing we know they’ll be following the University of Warwick’s example and rebranding themselves Cafe Hut. :frowning:

[size=9]More seriously, the effect of the rebranding seems to have been a few more pasta dishes on the menu and a fairly big dip in quality/portion size for the side dishes.[/size]

Today’s results so far are 77% against the new name. I have a feeling this trial period will not become permanent.

Call me a cynic, but I doubt they ever had any intention of making it permanent - it’s just marketing.

I suspect Matt may well be right as far as the name goes (although who knows what they’ll do if Pasta Hut wins their online poll). The changes in the side dishes though may well turn out to be permanent. You now get about half as much food on a combo platter for the same price as before. :frowning:

The sphagetti that I had there the last time was disgusting, if they’re trying to market themselves based on pasta dishes they’re making a big mistake !