Pixar and Disney

Pixar and Disney have announced their upcoming films up to 2012:


Wow!! Imagine “to infinity and beyond” in 3D it’s gonna be goooooooooooood!!

Please can the 2010 films officer organise a Toy Story trilogy weekend?!

Sounds like it’s time for an amendment to the constitution:

[size=18]Main Constitution[/size]

1. Name
The name of the organisation will be the Warwick Students’ Union Film Society, hereinafter referred to as WSC or Warwick Student Cinema.

2. Mission Statement
The objectives of WSC shall be to:
2.1 Encourage interest in film as an art and a form of entertainment.
2.2 Provide education and information in the methods of running a cinema, including publicity, front of house (hereafter referred to as FoH), projection and IT.
2.3 WSC shall have no stance on any political or religious issues and shall not show films for any other reason than cinematic value.
2.4 Run as a non-profit organization by volunteers.
2.5 Support the national and international Film Society movement.
2.6 Hold a Toy Story trilogy weekend in 2010.

3. Membership
3.1 The following wil…

Nah, that’s too much like hard work… i think we should just elect whoever promises to include it in their schedule!

An amendment to the constitution :o !!! And you say that I’m a controversial figure George.

Hoorah!! (I’m thinking of ending all my posts with this since it makes me sound hard core :lol: although it probably isn’t appropriate in this case (for some strange reason I feel the need to watch Jarhead)).