…has just started its Monster Summer Sale!

And zavvi’s starts tomorrow at 12 for people whose email they had with allegedly special limited deals. It starts at 4 for normal people.
For those interested (I’m not sure it works if you’re not subscribed or whatever, but hey) here’s the link to the special offer page.
I’ll be on the train from 12 to 2 and no internet access after that so I won’t be able to use the offer :?

Seems like play always has some kind of sale on now, whether is be a monster sale, stuff reduced to £5, 2 for £10, 3 for £15, crazy reductions, the list goes on and on… I’d say if you ever see anything in the sale that you kinda want but can wait for then it’ll be the same price again within a month or two.

it’s all about picking up the odd gem - one they reduce more than usual… like pirates 3 is now 4.99… i doubt it’ll ever be cheaper than that… being disney and all…