Pulp Fiction

Thought I’d bring this up while it’s topical. If the Union are going to run their Freshers party on the Friday again, maybe we need to think about moving Pulp Fiction in the future. Maybe end of week 1? Although what will we do on the Friday of week 2 since anything we put there won’t fair too well?

Personally, I think it might be worth thinking about running Pulp Fiction as a double on the Saturday at the end of week 2 (either 6:30 and 9:30 as usual, or maybe even 9 and midnight) as nothing really goes on on Saturdays with the SU.

That could work. The AllNighter would be another option.

Show one of the weaker doubles, I suppose.

I’d probably avoid the allnighter. Any non freshers may be put off as we’ve shown it recently and I think it would be a shame to make the allnighter a largely freshers event.

It now looks like Saturday week 2 will be the pub quiz evening.

So we have Friday week 1, Friday week 3, or maybe Saturday week 1?