Quantum of Solace

They’ve released a trailer for Quantum of Solace! :smiley:


That looks exciting. Front of House social on the opening weekend, anyone?

On the opening weekend :?! :!: What does this new former chief dm think he’s playing at :?: :!:

Are Front of House socials actually real?! I always thought it was one of those urban legends, like if you throw a penny off the empire state building you could kill a man, and if you get bit by a red squirrel you gain super powers.

Of course they’re real… they usually involve gore and meat… possibly at the same time! We have our annual Saw trips and also saw Casino Royale and Munich on FoH socials… can anyone think of more :?: :!:

Further to that (i’m really not working much this avo!) i’ve found minutes confirming one of the socials.

There’s also note in the previous week’s minutes of this year’s Saw social!

However, be warned, for those be minutes with spoilers them thar be :!:

What a wonderful social that was :slight_smile: It introduced me to the wonders of Stardust which, considering it’s only been out for less that 9months I have seen on average nearly twice a month. Scary eh? I agree to a FoH social to see it if I can drag myself up to Cov for it.

Sounds like a cool social. It’ll also mean FoH is diversifying from Saw film socials to Saw or Bond film socials. :smiley:

Don’t forget Munich; so perhaps that should be Saw or Daniel Craig film socials.

I didn’t :!: It was just George who forgot! Indeed, it’s Saw, Daniel Craig and a fair bit of meat beforehand :mrgreen:

A new trailler has gone online:

It looks awesome! :smiley:

You’re damn right!!

That trailer is 'kin A! Seriously might have to put that on about 4 of the weekend double screenings in the spring! (By seriously i don’t mean seriously, but we could probably do worse :? )

We could always show casino royale again… i don’t think we gave that the screen-time it deserved :wink:

On the cool trailer front… if you click on some of the interviews, you get to see some of the stunts - Olga Kurylenko’s includes some great footage of the boat chase… even without being the proper angles or cut and CGI’d or whatever, it still looks awesome :slight_smile:

Shiny new coke advert using the new bond theme song:

I always thought Coke Zero was for girls or overweight men but after watching that I’m tempted to change my mind, but then again this is a far better commercial.

I’d like to see that in our ads reel.

The ad contains lots of scantily clad women in the whole kinda sexual bond thing… how does that not make you think that coke zero’s for girls?!

And surely the whole point of the original adverts for coke zero was to say:

"Diet Coke is for girls, Coke Zero is for guys " :roll:

Hold the phone :!: How can you not get more masculine than Bond?? Scantily dressed women, fast cars, guns, fighting and explosions!! The only thing more manly than that is Bruce Willis saying expletives whilst knocking seven colours out of some German guy.

Hmm… the only other Coke Zero advert I had seen was this one:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A8DNWu2c5k which is rubbish.

Although I’m liking the French eye ball advert.

I’m with Aiden on this. You think it’s women who want to see scantily clad women? :roll: You’re clearly sleep-deprived and / or have been driven mad by your project. :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out the new Bond song (this time with lyrics but unfortunately some random foreign language at the end :? ):

I hope it’s real, there was a 40 second clip on the bbc website.

I don’t think it is as good as Casino Royale’s but it’ll do and is a darn site better than Madonna’s.

[size=7]I swear god hates me. Who in their right mind would make a device where the only way to tell if it is fully charged is by the red light turning green. One in twenty people (including myself) have no idea. Grrr…[/size]