Mr administrator person, can we have some interesting ranks please?

paradox? what paradox? the space time continuum still appears intact here, but goodness knows what parallel universes i’ve just ruptured

The only reason we don’t already is because I couldn’t think af any good ones…

Suggestions? With post ranges, of course

I think we should pick some film character like for example:-

0-25 - an Umpa lumpa
26-50 - Nanny McPhee

500+ Mr Darcy well for Rachel anyway!

Something vaguely like thgat anyway!

Oh Mr Darcy!

And they’re spelt oompa loompa anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

We should do it with Film Titles in some way which clearly orders them. How about James Bond Films, starting with Dr No and progressing through the ‘official’ bond films…

I like it…

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Not Bond!!! My idea was better!

Your idea sucked, not least because there was no obvious hierarchy to the films. James Bond Films have the following features:

:slight_smile: A clear order for people to progress through.
:slight_smile: An obvious relevance to this, a film society.
:slight_smile: Plenty of films to progress through in order to keep up with people who regularly post and whose totals therefore increase quickly.

So… this topic deserves a little bumping to the top! Ranks!
I suggest the highest should be Robbie the Reel, the lowest should be Snap. In between, we could get as much as Stapler, 35mm, 70mm, Sell-out, EPOS v3 (even better than v2), or even for the lower ranks Alcohol (really don’t want that), Hot Food, Hot Drinks, Popcorn.
Also, in no particular order, there should be a Dump, and a Pearl & Dean!

I’m no longer in a position to implement them, of course, but I still think they would be a fun addition. As I said before, the only reason I didn’t add them in the first place was because I couldn’t think of any good ones…

I’m going to do something very controversial - and agree with Nick and subsequently Pierre’s calls for ranks to be introduced to our forums.

This would be especially good now that we have people on all rungs of the potential ranking tree :!:

What? What about the 5k+ posters? :stuck_out_tongue: