Re: Hello whoever you are

It definitely is more friendly, especially with the option of adding a doody little picture to yourself! :smiley:

Wow, now i’m stuck on what to choose! :?


Good work Richard!

Roberto 8)

[quote=“R’win”]Welcome to the brand spanking new forum for Warwick Student Cinema.
We (The Exec) thought this might be a more friendly and structured environment for discussions, and we hope it proves to be.

I haven’t got round to doing the picture yet

What shall I choose …

And hello other forum-buddies :lol:

[quote=“Beautiful_Creep”]I haven’t got round to doing the picture yet

What shall I choose …[/quote]

I’ve just added a few avatars to the gallery, which you can get to with the “Profile” link at the top. They’re not particularly exciting.

It would probably make sense to either actually put a picture of yourself as an avatar or do what Richard has done and add youu name to the signature box, so that everyone knows who you are…


so did someone pass or fail the test? :slight_smile:

It was a test to see if the word cunt would be censored or not. As you can see, at this moment in time cunt is not censored so every instance of the word cunt will appear for all to read…

Hrmm, i can see what you’re getting at nick…

just out of interest, how’ve you managed to add that image of yourself, given that it said it would only take images of small proportion?

In general the size of the images is controlled in order to avoid people filling the server up with large files and (of course) to keep avatars small and disreet. However it is much harder for the forum to control the size of images linked off-site because it simply references the image for your browser to download directly from whatever site it is stored on. The only way it could enforce the size would be to specify dimensions of say 60 x 60 pixels, but the trouble then is that any image not a perfect square would be distorted, and any images smaller tha 60 x 60 pixels would be enlarged and would look shit. Consequently an image linked off site will appear as its original size.

Incidentally Richard, why do you not allow us to upload images? The only reason why I didn’t allow it on the forum for my other society is that the union do not allow me to chmod my own directories…

I don’t know…
There was probably a reason that seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve allowed them now.

Hello! Thought i’d show my “face” in the General Discussion going on here.

To carry on with the avatar theme…took me a while choosing one!

Yay! Tintin!

Lol, easily pleased :stuck_out_tongue:

tin tin rocks

For a start, hes the most famous belgian in the world (possibly excluding hercule poirot)

And he has cool hair

I think Poirot’s probably more famous, but the more important question is who would win in a fight between the two?

I dunno - i think Tintin was more famous before they made poirot into a tv series.

And tintin hands down - he has a dog, and a mad scientist if I remember correctly. Poirot just has an upright englishman who plays too much cricket and has a taste for brunettes!