Rec 2

There’s a new trailler online for REC 2!

I loved the first film but I’m not really sure where a sequel could go. Having said that the trailler looks good and, as long as the film is done as well as the last one, I suppose the story doesn’t really have to go anywhere (everyone alive → everyone dead might be a bit predictable but it works).

A new extended trailer has come out. It’s due for release on the 28th of May but I guess I’ll end up having to drive halfway across the country to find a cinema showing it. :frowning:

Just watched it illegally.
A bit disappointing, to be honest. Nowhere near as good as the original, although obviously that’s a lot to live up to it. Still, had its moments.

Tut tut Owen, tut tut.

I’m afraid I have to agree with Owen. Unlike the first film it goes straight in to the zombie action which means you don’t really know any of the characters and makes it all seem a bit long. They also spend too much time explaining things. The less you see and the less you understand the better a horror movie is generally.

Having said all that it did have a few really good scenes. Not a bad film, just not as good as the first.