, on the way![Rec]: Genesis**[Rec]: Apocalypse The titles sound rather promising to me, hopefully the greater sense of direction will mark an improvement on [Rec]2.

I dunno, Owz. :? One of the things which did not work in Rec2 was everything being explained and spelt out. In the first it was ambiguous / blurring lines a bit which really worked.

Thinking specifically about a prequel, I worry it might have no innovation and just set things up for Rec. It’s so unneccessary anyway… Rec works as is; it doesn’t need a prequel.

Mmm, I half agree. Granted, it does change the dynamic of the series, but that has already been done through [Rec]2. Essentially, either the first film needed to have no sequels or anything (would have been good), OR they need to really flesh everything else to make a cogent fictional world (good in a different way).

For the prequel, I’d like to see something set in the Vatican based on the clippings in the first film and semi-religious stuff developed in the second.
Then I’d imagine the third one would take it to a global scale and out of control, hence ‘apocalypse’.

I think you’d just have to take each film on its individual merits, and also how they build up the greater picture.
That said, [Rec]2 was a bit of a pile of balls, so these next ones could well follow suit…

I agree with Natalie’s points although now that they’ve made [Rec]2 it doesn’t really do any more harm to make more.

Having said that I don’t think [Rec]2 is a particularly bad film, it’s just nowhere near as good as the first (a bit like Godfather part 3).