Removal of Seymour Formula

The University is considering removing the Seymour formula, and potentially any credit applied to taking more than standard CATS load, for future students.

Please see the paper attached - the SU doesn’t like it, and Computer Science is unhappy too, but I’m waiting to find out who one contacts if you’d like to speak up about the change.

Word from Maths is that one should email Sean Ruston (SU Education Officer) via

Reasons (from the Faculty of Science minutes) are that there is “a concern that the Quality Assurance Agency, the higher education standards agency who are due to carry out an audit of Warwick in 2012/13, will determine that the Seymour Formula is inequitable for non-science students.”

This is utter crap, imho…

But evidently sciences are so easy as loads of people get good degrees in them…