Resident Evil 4 for 2010

Looks like the next Resident Evil is being planned for September next year. :smiley:

[size=9]Empire don’t seem too excited about it though.[/size] :shock:


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The first stills from it are online here. :smiley:

Where is the army of Alices :?: :!:

I guess they’ll be making some excuse so that they only have one for most of the film. Not terribly surprising as its hard to see how they could manage to maintain the story if almost all the characters were the same (plus you’ve got to give the zombie’s a chance).

Not sure about introducing more characters from the games. We diverged from the games quite some time ago so it seems odd to do it now.

There’s now a trailer online too. :slight_smile:

And it’s being filmed in 3D. Which could be quite interesting.
(I’ve honestly no idea whether this would be good or bad, the last thing I saw in 3D was BOLT, and that gave me a headache)

You didn’t see Avatar in 3D :?:



You didn’t see Avatar in 3D :?:


Every time I went to see it, it was sold out.
I haven’t even seen it in 2D, I was ill when we showed it. (That or I had, work- I can hardly remember now :P)


You didn’t see Avatar in 3D :?:


I didn’t see it in 3D either :frowning:
But the late showing of Avatar at WSC was fab, which I made a point of saying to all the crew working, including shaking the proj’s hand :slight_smile:

My claim to fame:

My brother’s friend’s dad is doing the editing for Resident Evil 4. :o

Resident Evil 4 hits the top spot in the US :!:

But more importantly, following this highly impressive set of figures, there are more than just rumours of a fifth!!!

And here it goes!!!


Some spoilers for fans of the films (and video games too!), straight from Alice’s mouth!