RIP Heath Ledger

Today the actor Heath Ledger of Teen Comedy, Cowboy and soon to be Batman fame has passed away as a result an overdose of anti-depressants. Just thought we should have a thread to say good bye and discus his work. Did anyone else really like Ten Things I hate About You a little too much than was reasonable for its caliber of film?

Indeed I did. Having said that, it was a brilliant film for that type of thing, and he has gone on to prove his calibre in some other great things. Its sad that someone who seemed to be so nice gets depressed when other more odious characters carry on obliviously.

It’s going to be so creepy watching Batman now though …

I was shocked by the news. He didn’t seem like someone you’d expect this to happen to. A tragic loss.

Not only was it a tragic accident, but one in which he had intended to do no wrong.