Saw 7

Apparently Saw 7 will be the final film in the series. According to the co-writer Patrick Melton 8 films were planned (a double trilogy plus a two part finale) but falling audiences have meant they’ll wrap it up in one last film. The franchise has gone on way to long but at least it sounds like there’s some sort of plan to finish the story in a satisfying way.

Poor Saw, i thought it was going to go on forever, until they’d managed to wipe out the entire american police force at least :!:

I think that might have taken quite a while. After all in Saw you have to die at least 2 or 3 times before being considered properly dead.

Oh wow, ANOTHER Saw movie. I saw the first, hated it and never bothered watching any others, but I find it hard to believe that anyone liked 6 as much as the first 1. At least this is the last one touchwood

You say that as if Saw is the first franchise to be run into the ground*.

*Although it isn’t strictly, becuase fewer sequels are being made than originally intended.