Saw breaks a world record

Apparently the Saw series has been named the most successful horror franchise ever by the Guinness World Records. :shock


Have they adjusted those box office figures for inflation?

Almost certainly not. It’s quite complicated to adjust international figures for inflation and if they only used the US takings it wouldn’t exactly be a world record (having said that they did manage to give Stargate the award for the longest running Sci-Fi series despite Doctor Who having run for over twice as long :? ).

But hasn’t Stargate run relatively continuously?

Doctor Who ran continuously from 1963-1989 (discounting the new series because of the gap) compared to 1997-2007 for Stargate.

That really is quite a big dose of incompetence on the GBoR’s part then. It’s weird how most of these big American shows do 9 or 10 series and then stop - even at 20 odd episodes per series. There’s virtually nothing that compares to the that in this country, though I guess we have the soaps, which they don’t have, do they?

Anywho - back to the topic of conversation and i’m quite looking forward to Saw 7 - just so long as it doesn’t go OTT with deliberately getting stuff coming out of the screen for 3D effect!

I found the producers comment in the BBC article quite funny:

I think that’s where they were when they made Saw 3. We’re now at the boxer who fought four too many fights and counting…

Oh yes they do: