Schedule Discussion - Autumn 2009

Oh, absolutely, but it could do very well as a free double and we don’t want to throw a top decent film on such a slot! (details to be confirmed at tomorrow’s exec meeting regarding free showings)

[quote=“Mathendacil”]Or Spirited Away considering how high our chances are of getting it? (I might be wrong but I think we have a hard time getting animes).
Or - and this is highly controversial, ubt - move Crank 2 to the AllNighter?[/quote]

Crank could well work there :slight_smile: We showed spirited away three years ago as part of the allnighter, so it should be ok to get :slight_smile:

I’d keep Observe and Report as comedies normally go down well and its looks alright (if not amazing).

Crank 2 definitely has an AllNighter feel. Not sure if it might be too violent though (its a fair bit more violent than Crank).

[size=9]I hate action films, I haven’t seen Crank, but Crank 2 actually looks pretty good.

With regards to the violence, the BBFC gave some detailed reasons on why it’s an 18:

The MPAA just said:
Rated R for frenetic strong bloody violence throughout, crude and graphic sexual content, nudity and pervasive language. - R is our equivelant to an 18 (or to be more precise 17A), except over there, it is acceptible for children to see these films as long as they’re accompanied by, say, a babysitter. But I must add that, if the content were that bad, they’d have given in an N-17 which they gave Crash and Young Adam.

I know I’d rather sit through something violent that you can talk about afterwards than Outlander - I know not everyone can like all the films, but at least Crank 2 meets people that would usually like that kind of thing half way.

I feel like such a parent.[/size]

I don’t think films in America tend to get N-17 for violence. Grindhouse and even most of the Saw films got an R rating (admittedly some of those were after appeal).

Agreed. Although I must admit I’ve heard some rather good things about Outlander now, so retract my previous slating. But Crank 2 def has an all-nighter feel, and it would need to be either-or, else it simply become a night of action-action-action which wouldn’t appeal to all.
Crank 2’s got my vote.

I think Crank 2 would be a good Allnighter film, I haven’t seen it but I believe that it is along the same lines as Shoot em up which went down really well at an allnighter.