Sequel Future Releases

Some of the things that may, or may not appear on the horizon - it’s so nice to see some originality in the film industry:

(Note: links are blank unless you have IMDb pro, though I thought I’d link them anyhow to confirm that i’m not losing it!)

The Hangover 2
Meet the Parents 3
Get Smart 2
Sin City 3 (yeah, I know!)
Happy Feet 2
National Treasure 3
Ghost Rider 2
Transformers 3
Anchorman 2
The Brazilian Job
Ghostbusters III
Paranormal Activity 2
Die Hard 5
Iron Man 3
Inside Man 2

It’s also worth having a quick look at just how much stuff Leo DiCaprio is keeping a handle on :!:

I didn’t even know that they were making a Sin City 2 let alone 3!

I have a phobia of sequels as they tend to be pretty crap. I have to make a list of the serious ‘nos’ though:
Ghostbusters 3
Transformers 3 (Megan Fox can feck off)
Meet the Parents 3 (it’s over. just stop making more!!!)

The only one I would see there is Anchorman 2, having not yet seen the first but I have heard nothing but good things.

I’d like to see Die Hard 5 (although I’d want it to be written as the final one). Iron Man 3 could be fun (assuming Iron Man 2 is any good). The Sin City sequels might be good if they’re ever made.

The rest are at best a bit unnecessary (eg Inside Man 2, The Hangover 2, KFP2) and at worst crimes against cinema (eg Meet the Parents 3, The Brazilian Job).

Transformers 3 was ‘guaranteed’ by Fox before 2 was even out…

True, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it is a pile of wang.