Has anybody else seen this?

I went along on the information that it was goona be like Shaun of the Dead… let’s just say that information was a bit contorted! This was more of a genuine attempt at a scary film, with a few jokes thrown in.

Could be a good midnighter sort of film though, for term two.

Night all

good? The trailers looked alright

Overall reports I got were - not funny enough, too gory … so I won’t be watching that one!

I quite liked it, although I wasn’t sure whether it was trying to be serious or not

that’s the difference between it and shaun of the dead bambino… in SotD, you’ve got loads of comedy, and then just the one gory bit at the end when the guy gets pulled through the pub window and devoured. :shock:

In severance they kinda mix it all in to one big gooey ball.

I liked it, but nowhere near as good as Shaun of the Dead! :?