Sex sells

… and it really has done this week, beating Indy into second place.

And you guys wanted to put it on as a single next term! Shame on you!

I think what i said was that i don’t want to watch it… i did however want it moved to the double though :-p

Ok, you are forgiven then. Though I know I did have to fight for it a bit though. And considering some of the rubbish that’s around I can’t believe I had to fight quite that much!

I must admit the separation of a double and a single is smaller than everyone had thought about. And there’s not that many film capable of hitting 200 in a single predictably, for those films that’s a good double. But weekday shows may be better for off-campus students. Ultra-mirco marketing strategy, Ouch!

I do have to admit that Hairspray and P.S. I love you were both single showings that did over 200 people. It is mildly feasible that they wouldn’t have done as well as doubles. However I think there is definitely an issue in this society about letting in any of the girly films! We are lucky if we have one a month!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say there’s an issue with them… the decent one always get on our schedule… i’d say that the problem tends to be that there are so many nothingy romcoms that there’s little to choose between them, with us tending to choose elsewhere instead! Next term’s schedule does have more of a chick flick look to it :!:

I have to admit I’ve never seen so many girly doubles :slight_smile: But 3/4 films out of 50+ showings is hardly representative of the genre. And there aren’t THAT many rubbishy rom coms that you have to pick the best of a bad bunch!

It did beat Indy once Indy had been out for a week but didn’t do as well overall:

I have to confess to being one of the people who wanted it on a single (although in my defence it was to put 27 dresses on in its place) and I admit it does seem that I was wrong about it.

I think Rom Coms are quite well represented in the next schedule to be honest (far better than most genres). There are only 4 of them but then there are only 4 horrors, 6 foreign language films, 6 classics (only 2 of which are more than 2 years old) and 4 straight action films (its rather difficult to count these but I included Wanted, Street Kings, Never Back Down and Indy 4 and left out all the comic book films. There isn’t really anything like Face Off, Die Hard, Shoot 'em Up etc. at all though).