It looks like there’s a SHIELD movie in the pipeline to follow on from the Avengers. Marvel do seem to be trying to cash in on anything they’ve ever printed at the moment. If the movie didn’t sound so cool I might be annoyed.

In my dream last night, I read a news headline that Sammy L. had died :-/

Was it a suicide at the end of the dream? Were there some small children who also killed themselves? :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew I would get that response…
You’re too predictable, Natalie :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t actually remember the rest of the dream; I don’t think there was anything else Jackson-related, nor anything involving death (but it was my dream so you can never quite rule it out…)

More news on this.

Apparently Marvel’s next three films to work on after Avengers will be Thor 2 followed by Captain America 2 and then… Nick Fury! It sounds like it’ll be a prequel about how awesome Samuel L. Jackson is.