Shrek Replacement

OK. So if you haven’t heard already… Jay has told us that we can’t have Shrek, as the third installment comes out soon, and all available prints are prevented from being rented out. Claire (Films Officer) is attempting to research other sources for a print, but the chances are VERY minimal of attaining a print.

I know this sounds bananas, and that it’s last minute. It’s a horrible situation, but luckily, both WSAF and WSC publicity HASN’T been printed yet, so the situation is salvagable.

Basically, we need a replacement…

Monsters, Inc.
The Incredibles

The two aforementioned titles have been mentioned. If you have any more suggestions… discuss, or add the title to the poll.

as much as i love the incredibles, it’s just too long for the outdoor screening, so i’d say monsters inc. we can’t get toy story can we? any chance of borrowing an imax copy of the lion king (and similarly imax projector) and making the screen about 4 times as tall?! :lol:

What’s the criteria? Does it have to be a U certificate or could we get away with a PG? What about running time?

Of the two suggested, I’d go for Monsters, Inc.. The Incredibles was OK but MI is much better IMAHO.

it has to be a U and ideally wants to be shorter rather than longer, given the late start time and people catching buses etc.

Incredibles is less than two hours long so there should still be plenty of time to catch buses once it finishes.

According to the BBFC website, The Incredibles is 120 minutes long. The last bus to Coventry is 12.30 - or sometimes 1.00 - on a Tuesday night; so we’d be pushed for time.

Trying to think of non-animated films…

Star Wars - 121mins long
The Princess Bride - something of a cult classic amongst people of our age, under 100mins but it’s a PG
Hook - a U but far too long
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids - U and 93mins

So, Monsters, Inc. or The Incredibles it is then :-/

Maybe we can have someone to tell the bus driver we got a messive queue? And I expect the BBFC film length to include the credit while the other sources (eg, imdb) does not. The Incredibles is about 10 minutes longer than Finding Nemo.
We do need something strong to replace Shrek, since we have already got the facebook outdoor screening event going.

My copy of the incredibles, (in my left hand right now) is informing me that it’s 111 mins approx. I#d still say that if we’re only able to start at 11, or if anything goes wrong (this is a big project, so snags are more than possible) then there might well be end time problems. I’d also go with Monsters Inc being a bit more of the Uni group’s youth than Incredibles, which only came out 2 years ago after all!

Personally, I would sooner come to see The Incredibles than Monsters Inc. just because Monsters was more popular. I have now seen Monsters about five times vs. The Incredibles only once, and that makes a big difference.

Of course, that doesn’t solve the bus issue, but has anybody considered contacting Travel Coventry and seeing if they’ll put a late bus on? Even if they don’t, I think we should consider that the bulk of our audience is probably going to come from people on campus, so it may still be worth showing a longer film…

Having done a power search thingy on the IMDb, I’ve come up with…

Ice Age (the 1st one, obviously).

It’s not in Scope (easier to project) and it’s a mere 81 mins long. We could even try to get a pixar ‘short’ or sommat to show before it… Maybe if the Roger Rabbit shorts are still available?

ooooo ice age!!

have we actually never shown this before?!

We showed Ice Age in the Autumn Term 2002. I haven’t seen it, so I shouldn’t mind it for the outdoor screening. Its short running time is a bonus.

I LOVE Ice Age! It has also become one of those films that people just love to watch. It’s short and it’s funny. What more can we ask for? I think it would be the best summery (wierd I know) choice in the end.

I did actually think of Ice Age as well but then I wasn’t sure how ‘relevant’ a film set in snowy surrounds would be for a showing in the middle of summer :-/

Also, what’s going to happen with the Facebook event for the outdoor screening? Will it be ‘cancelled’ (on FB) and then a new event created for the new film/replacement, or will we just amend/rename the Shrek event accordingly?

ummmmmm we cant change the actual name…

i dont want to delete it and start again as most people just wont accept a new event… if we change everything else and fb message everyone should be okay…


I can’t ammend the poll so hands up for ice age

It doesn’t look like I can add Ice Age to the poll - is it only the person who created a poll who can do that?

With regard to the movie not working in a period of warm weather, it was originally released in March - so not really icy. I think it has a pretty broad appeal - both with those who like the story and those who wait for the appearance of The Scrat every so often!

Last night I was thinking of Wallace and Gromit - might be a bit too recent, but its awesome (also not sure if its a ‘U’, and can’t be arsed to IMDB is right now. Haven’t seen Ice Age, although the second one was fun. Amanda would have her hand up for it if she was on the forums, me thinks!