It’s not often that I do this, but jeez… wasn’t that a pile of pants?!

I tell you what, that has gone and placed itself way ahead of the likes of Killers, All the King’s Men and Scenes of a Sexual Nature, as the worst film I’ve ever seen at a listed screening at WSC.

It really was that bad :frowning:

For those not in the no, you can find out more at our review, IMDb (4.5/10 from 21,000 votes) and Rotten Tomatoes (16% and 3.5/10).

Not that you’d want to!

Told you guys it looked shite! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen worse but it was pretty poor. I found it frustrating because it had some potential to be at least entertaining if not amazing. The writers just kept making stupid decisions throughout though (such as killing off the only interesting character in the opening half an hour and making what would have been an unusually bleak ending just stupid).

Á la The Road.

Worse than Epic Movie?

It wasn’t THAT bad (although that’s not saying very much).