Ok guys, this is the one about the slugs and i have to say that it was really quite an interesting affair :mrgreen:

To set the scene, an alien thing lands in the woods in this little american town. Upon inspecting it, one of the locals is shot in the chest with a dart like thing (think about the bug in the Matrix :shock: ) Things then go bad with lots of strange slug/worm like things and zombies and, of course… the guy getting the girl.

Marks out of ten on the me scale, from 1 being the quality of my project, up to 10 being the quality of my project in 2 weeks time, i’d give it a 4.

Not great, but hey, it wasn’t going to be, was it?!

Is that going to be our official review should we come to show it?

Um… nope… it’s given too much of the plot away :lol:


I just really like the idea of us giving our movies a stupid scoring system at the end of each review.

On the scale of 1 to 7, 1 being 1 and 7 being 2 I give this film…8!