Snow! :-)

SNOW!!! :slight_smile:

I know! Isn’t that just AWESOME???

Do you know what’s even more awesome?

Singing in the snow. And people not batting an eyelid. :wink:


:frowning: Why so serious?

I wonder what sort of song would be appropriate for the purpose of singing in the snow.

'I’m siiiiiiiiiinging in the snow…just siiiiiiiinging in the snow…what a glorious feeling etc etc etc

Some kind of harmony… is on the rise!

I trust that this is another Dr Who Quote? Pierre’s rather fond of them you see :-p

Could it just be mentioned that it’s not meant to snow in October… it’s meant to snow in december, jan and feb at most, not october… this is scandalous!

slaps Rob repeatedly until he realises his Horrible mistake

Oh, he’s singing again is he? It all mixes into one for me, separated by the level of ear-ache induced :wink: