I was thinking about the Monty Python documentary, and thought it’d offer a pretty good excuse to play a lot of monty python films back to back. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the state of the print for Life of Brian?
Meaning of Life was shown back in Autumn 06, didn’t draw the crowds (although at the time it was my personal highest attendance…)
I’m not sure about Holy Grail, but I’d assume the print is in as poor a quality as Life of Brian.

If I remember correctly the print was in poor condition but not as bad as Life of Brian (ie it still had hints of colours other than pink).

That’s pretty bad.

I’m not surprised meaning of life didn’t pull in the crowds, it’s my least favorite python film. The internet seems to think there’s been a re-release of Holy Grail in 2001, so it’s possible we could find a not-completely trashed print.

(edit) Wikipedia and IMDB seem to suggest we might be able to get better prints from the US or Denmark, but that’s pretty far fetched.

Um, I doubt it - the Troys job is to find us prints of the films we want, not necessarily ones in top condition, let alone get them shipped from abroad :!: