Is starting to look pretty good :slight_smile:


It does look pretty cool. When’s the UK release date?

It’s a bit odd that the film has taken so long to get a cinematic release. It was being shown at festivals last year so must have been finished ages ago.

Saw a TV Advert today for a UK Release of July 23rd.

More splice news - this time it’s a comparison with real science, but it’s interesting none the less:

So yeah, we saw this a week ago and really enjoyed it… apart from the last ten mins or so - it could/probably should have finished there…

…although Owen will enjoy it more this way :wink:

PS: It’s not on our schedule :frowning:

PPS: There were some pretty bad splices in the print we saw - at least one of them was a lab splice… at least one wasn’t.

Maybe a midnight showing in Spring?

(Really enjoyed the film by the way. Shame about the end though.)

Ahem. I didn’t want to make the pun myself, this webcomic did it for me.

A few problems with that comic:
*]Chimp DNA is over 99% similar to ours - 95% is a major under-estimate. (For the record, humans share at least 99.9% of their DNA with one another).
*]You can’t take out the ‘junk’ DNA. For starters, it’s non-coding DNA, and whilst it is poorly understood, there are various known functions, in particular, transcription factor binding sites, etc.
[/list]So… yeah, I agree with the premise of the comic, but they need to get their facts straight if/when they’re taking the piss!