Spring 2010's Provisional Schedule

Hey all,

Just to let you all know, the provisional Spring Schedule is now available to view.

If you go to: http://www.filmsoc.warwick.ac.uk/files/publicity/ then it’s the file imaginatively titled: Spring 2010 Schedule.xlsx.

I’m currently trying to organise a meeting with the Arts Centre’s John Gore and have already sent this provisional version to our booking agency to see if they envisage any problems.

I’ll keep you all posted :!:

The provisional schedule has changed slightly and is now a whole lot easier to access since it’s on the proper schedule page.

Another update for you all peeps:

We’ve lost dead man walking, so amnesty are goin to be consulted over a possible replacement.

We’ve alsolost Fargo from the AllNighter, so we’ll be tinkering with that a bit too!

Fargo has now been replaced by that other favourite of old Coen Brothers’ movies, the one and only:


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