Spring 2011 schedule

The Spring 2011 schedule is now online!

Unfortunately since the Programming Meeting, we’ve had to make the following changes:

  • The General in place of The Gold Rush due as there are no prints of the latter;
  • Predators in place of Resident Evil: Afterlife since there are no 2D prints in the UK for the latter;
  • A Town Called Panic has been dropped as there are no prints in the UK. It will be replaced by another foreign language film soon.[/align]

Not a good sign for the future really. Resident Evil got a fair bit of publicity and a wide release. If they do the same for something like Avatar 2 (or 3) it won’t be too good for the society. Do you know if it got a 2D digital release by the way?

:frowning: I was looking forward to that. I’d suggest replacing it with a successful older film since I still think the other current foreign films will struggle to bring people in. A few suggestions:

Nikita (its got another tv series now I think)
Cronos or The Devil’s Backbone (old Guillermo del Toro films)
Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away or another Studio Ghibli film
Ghost in the Shell
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Enter the Dragon

More casualties, folks:

  • Seven Samurai is unavailable throughout Spring;
  • Piranha is 3D only…

Working on replacements currently. Hopefully will have Princess Mononoke and The Last Exorcism in place of the above two.

Have you considered Rashomon? It was re-released this year.

I had forgotten about that. I will investigate its availability, although suspected it was likewise digital-only.

More losses:

  • Carlos (digital only), hoping to replace with Gainsbourg
  • Saw 3D (digital 3D only), hoping to replace with The Shining.




Foreign Thursdays have been hit quite hard. Have we got enough films left to make them viable? What are you planning to replace them with?

Shame about Saw 3D. The midnights seem to have been hit hard too although I guess that’s because 3D is very big in horror films at the moment. Can we get The Shining? I remember it being on the schedule a few years ago but I think it got dropped for some reason. I’m not very keen on it personally but it should do well if we can get it.