Spring 2011: Weeks 1-5 vote

The votes are in for the first five weeks of term, so let’s work out which one y’all liked best of all to put forward to the end of term vote. Quite a few draws in the weekly votes, so quite a few contenders to choose from here!

Usual rules:
Vote for your favourite film from the first half of term. The best film from weeks 1-5 will go forward to the final round to face off against the best film from weeks 6-10. In case of a tie, the best film will be determined by which got the highest percentage of votes in the weekly rounds and then by number of votes if still tied.

The Week 6 to 10 poll will start after term, and then the final round following.

Winners for the first half of term going through to the final round are: Toy Story 3 and Machete! [size=](Machete had 43% its original week vs Casablanca’s 33%)[/size]

The semi-final for the second half of term is now open!