Spring 2011: Weeks 6-10 vote

Which was your favourite film from the second half of term out of those which have won the weekly polls? Amazingly there were no ties for this half, so only 6 films to choose from.

The best two films from weeks 6-10 will go forward to the final round to face off against Toy Story 3 and Machete which won the weeks 1-5 vote. In case of a tie, the best film will be determined by which got the highest percentage of votes in the weekly rounds and then by number of votes if still tied.

The final round will open once this poll finishes in a week’s time :slight_smile:

The weeks 5-10 vote eh?!

Duly edited :stuck_out_tongue:

Foul play! The results have it that Alex has voted for both Sunshine and Pan’s Labyrinth, and that Rob has voted for both Pan’s and Kick-Ass. Indeed, it also said that the poll was last modified at 21:06 last night by me, which it most certainly was not. Very naughty guys, and not in the spirit of the poll… which one do you each really vote for?

I’m confused - i thought it had become common place for multiple votes? I though I was being well behaved by only voting for two!

If I’m compelled to choose, then I’ll vote for Kick-Ass.

[quote=‘Roberto’ pid=‘31990’ dateline=‘1300647024’]

Errr :expressionless: nope… never heard of that before, and never seen people vote for more than one thing on the results either. Well sorry, I guess you weren’t being sneaky after all.
Tis very odd though. When I went to edit the poll, it was set to ‘Allow multiple votes’, which is strange because I didn’t set that, and the default before has always been for only one vote per user. Hmm…

The results are in, and Kick-Ass and Sunshine go through to the final round.

[size=](Note that this even accounts for the possibility that Alex only used one vote and used it for Pan’s, as Sunshine had the greatest % score in its week)[/size]