Spring 2012 Final Vote

So it’s finally time for the final poll of term. 12 films made it through the weekly polls. 4 of these were Oscar Tuesday films, another 3 were non-Oscar Tuesday classics and, of the remaining 5, 2 were nominated for Best Picture this year. 3 classics made it through to the final vote with Tucker and Dale being the only new film to do so.

The Lion King (64%)
The Silence of the Lambs (27%)
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (33%)
Die Hard (22%)

The rules for tie-breakers are the same as before (best percentage in the previous round) and the poll will be up for 7 days.

Tempted by both The Lion King, and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. I think The Lion King is the better film all-round, however, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil gets my vote for being new, original, the under-dog, and for being wholly unexpected.

It had to be The Silence of the Lambs for me. A pleasure to watch and project, as well as being one of the best films ever and one of the best baddies of all time. Obviously, there is a competitor for that title in this vote!

Back to the same dilemma from the last poll. Die Hard or Tucker and Dale? :huh:

So the results are in and the winner is:

[size=]Die Hard[/size]

2nd place: Tucker and Dale vs Evil
3rd place: Silence of the Lambs
4th place: The Lion King

With the main story here being the George didn’t vote for it!

So Die Hard joins X-Men: First Class from the autumn term.