Spring 2012 Week 10 Vote

With this term’s film screenings now finished, it’s time for the last weekly poll.


Looks like it’s ended as tie. So that we can just get straight to the weeks 6-10 poll could Mike and Clarissa just post their second preferences please?

But neither of the alternatives have animated characters! How could Mike and Clarissa choose?!

Did they see Dragon Tattoo though?

Can we put both films through to the 6-10 vote? Due to my long term absence from the forums, I don’t know what the standard tie-policy is!

The standard policy is to run a tie break poll for a week featuring only the tied films. If they’re still tied after that then they both go through (although that can make the number of films in the next vote get quite high).

Both voted (by email) for Gone with the Wind so I guess we have a winner.