Spring 2012 Weeks 6-10 vote

Time for the second of the semi-final polls.

The winners of weeks 6 to 10 were:
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (50% - 4 votes)
Midnight in Paris (57%)
Airplane (33%)
Die Hard (50% - 5 votes)
Hugo (40% - 4 votes)
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (40% - 4 votes)
Gone with the Wind (40% - 4 votes)

The top two films from this poll and from the one for the first half of term will go into a final poll starting in 7 days time.

I can’t decide between Die Hard (my all time favourite film) and Tucker and Dale (the film I probably enjoyed watching most this term).

Tucker and Dale swung it for me - as I’ve still yet to see Die Hard…

Be bold: vote for Tucker and Dale.

[quote=‘ImperatorAtticus’ pid=‘34454’ dateline=‘1332977262’]I’ve still yet to see Die Hard…


I’m torn between Die Hard, Gone with the Wind and Tucker and Dale, though I think only one option saves me from a beating. :dodgy:

What’s this?!?!

I’m voting for Die Hard and George isn’t!!!

Tucker and Dale was the funniest film I’ve seen since Kick Ass (not to be mistaken for Kick-Arse!)