Spring 2013 AllNighter Vote

And here’s the AllNighter poll.

I’ll be obvious and vote for the mystery.

Skyfall was good, but you can’t beat Indy!

“Smile! You’re at Mr. Smiley’s.”

There were Psychopaths. There were 7 of them. They were glorious.

Although numbers 1 and 7 were the same person.

The Mendes double were very good but Psychopaths gets my vote - it’s a shame I couldn’t stay to watch Last Crusade on the big screen, although I doubt it would have swayed my decision.

James, I call nitpicking.

Such a strong allnighter (if a long allnighter). I vote American Beauty as I hadn’t seen it before and had forgotten everything I’d heard about it and then it was amazing.

Skyfall and Indy also good candidates. And Brazil! Seven Psychopaths was good but not quite the same extremely high calibre I thought. Didn’t watch Paranorman past focusing it sadly.