Spring 2013 schedule update

All but four films have been confirmed: Frankenweenie and Gladiator should be formalities; Rust and Bone and Sightseers may not be available until the end of March.

I regret to inform you that The Master will be in 35-mm and not 70-mm.

The following films will be in digital:
*]Chariots of Fire
*]The Imposter
*]To Rome with Love
*]Holy Motors
*]Rear Window
*]End of Watch
*]God Bless America
*]Beasts of the Southern Wild
*]The Shining

That is quite a list.

Shame about The Master. Brave in digital, hmm - that’s a puzzler?

I did check; it’s because most of the prints will be withdrawn and there’s probably another booking on that weekend.

The revolution is happening :-/

We cannot book Rust and Bone and Sightseers for next term; they will be replaced by Downfall and Premium Rush respectively.

Amour will replace Sightseers as the third members’ free event.

Gladiator has been booked; Premium Rush and Frankenweenie will be digital.

:shock Another relatively high profile film in digital

Downfall has been confirmed. Fire up the memes!


The Hobbit weighs in at 166 minutes.

So it will be the shortest foray into Middle-Earth thus far.

166 mins is still far longer than your average film though. I wonder how long the entire thing is going to last for. And then how long the extended editions will be. Probably not the 9+ hours of LotR, but getting there.

Yeah, I think that 166 mins is not too bad - though we may want to put a comment in the booklet confirming that the second film will be a 10pm scheduled start?