Spring 2021 Schedule First Draft

Hi everyone,

This is the first draft for the Spring term schedule:


Just a few notes for the schedule:

  • We have stuck with the rough structure of the first term schedule in that some films will be shown over two days. With the exception of the last film, weekday (Tuesday and Thursday) films will only be one day. If this is an issue, we can amend the format. This is again because we’re unsure about the university guidelines for T2, and so we’re sticking with roughly what we did in T1.
  • As you can see, we have tried to put as many new films as possible, however this also means there are very few opportunities for 35mm at the moment. We’re planning to cut down on some of the weaker new films we’ve placed and replace them with 35mm, so we’d really appreciate any suggestions for this.
  • All-nighters/events are again missing for the moment because we’re unsure whether the 10pm curfew will still apply.
  • We’ve also noticed there aren’t many foreign language films on the schedule at the moment, and so we’ll happily accept any recommendations - bonus points if they can be in 35mm
  • The films currently put down for Valentine’s Day, Green Week, and International Women’s Day are just initial thoughts and so would be happy to change if anybody has any suggestions they think would be better, though we think they would be good options.
  • V for Vendetta and Breathless are both getting rereleases, and so this is why they have been placed on the schedule here.

I hope you like how the schedule looks at the moment (albeit with few 35mm films).

Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments, and we can discuss these fully during the upcoming programming meeting on Sunday at 2pm


Since you’re looking for suggestions of 35mm films, I’ll surprise nobody by recommending Minority Report and Catch Me If You Can (Both with DTS & SDDS!)


Looks great, and not just because Drive is on there (!!!)