Spring 2021 Schedule Second Draft

Hi everyone! We have now prepared the second draft for the schedule: Spring 2021 Schedule - Second Draft (Forum).xlsx - Google Drive

Here are the notes we have:

  • The following films were delayed and have hence been removed:
  1. The 355
  2. News of the World
  3. Nomadland
  4. Free Guy
  5. Slalom
  6. Rumble
  7. A Death on The Nile
  8. Coming 2 America
  9. Mortal Combat
  10. Respect
  11. Supernova
  • The Father is very likely to be delayed as well, but hasn’t been delayed just yet. If we get any sort of confirmation for it, we will put it back on Schedule.
  • We have removed a few films which were costing us a lot for a single show, or if it would have been a while since we could have shown them
  • David Attenborough’s film has been removed due to Netflix imposing exclusive windows
  • All the afore-mentioned films have been replaced with a few new films, and many more old films. Let us know what you think!

Looking forward to everyone’s comments! Please send us all the feedback you may have :slight_smile:


OK so I love love love this! <3

One thing – for purely selfish reasons, I’d really really like to watch/project Titanic in 35mm (it got a 2012 reprint so should be great, and we have DTS discs archived and everything) but also we don’t exactly need more 35mm on here I guess (both in terms of workload and letting other people have a go :stuck_out_tongue: ). Do you/anyone else feel strongly about Little Miss Sunshine or is it there bc it’s readily programmable? Could maybe swap that out for something digital (though still probably you’d want to move stuff around bc of the Matrix/Titanic/Drive block you’d have then so that might be a pain?). Or maybe if Milk doesn’t have 35mm? (or if both there USED to be 35mm Grand Budapest Hotel which would also be super awesome but also I think got shredded). I think the 35mm might still have to be booked with Park Circus though so I guess there would be the extra £30 print fee for each.

Also, I think Alex was saying Park Circus said there was 35mm Catch Me If You Can? It certainly used to be with Universal (both from BBFC and bc we’ve had it before – in this case PC wouldn’t book it) but Googling suggests it’s with Paramount now (in which case they would). There’s a 1989 Catch Me If You Can that Park Circus DO have the rights to so might be worth checking they’re not mixing them up?


Wait I said “one thing” and then said two things… :thinking:

Thank you for all these,
We’re going to check today to see if Milk and Titanic are both offered in 35mm. Thanks for pointing that out with Catch Me If You Can, we had no idea there was another film with the same name so we’ll check to make sure too.
As for Little Miss Sunshine, it is only there because it is easy to be scheduled and at low cost, neither of us are really committed to it being on the schedule. MUBI/Sony/Park Circus/Disney are all doing good pricing at the moment on some of their older films so it could probably be replaced quite easily. There are also some new releases that could take the place for one showing (Sound of Metal and Superintelligence are the ones that come to mind) but they might be a bit pricey for one show.

So we still haven’t heard back from Park Circus for the 35mm availability of Titanic, however eOne did email back to confirm there isn’t a 35mm copy of Milk available. I’d still be up for putting it on since it’s been especially requested.

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