Spring Term 2016 Schedule

So there isn’t a schedule ready yet…

But we will have a programming meeting Wed Week 5 at 1pm in B2.02. I’ll put a draft up soon.

Feel free to leave suggestions, but I won’t be able to respond to all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the nick of time, here it is:


A few notes:

  1. Yes, Hateful 8 is coming out in January, and if it were any old film we would have it on, but it will probably be given an extended release so that we could only book it starting at some point in the Easter holidays. Similar for Star Wars 7, although I’ve been a bit optimistic and put it in for this draft. I’ll try to get both in for next term, but if not I can shuffle some things around and we’ll have them both in Summer
  2. There are some “old” films on the side. These are films that could have been in this (Autumn term) but I was unaware of their importance/popularity as most were released after I’d sent off the schedule. They’re all good and could fill some gaps. Plus some of them might be nominated for awards gaining them more interest in the term, but for now they aren’t in the schedule
  3. No Pixels @BobLoblaw

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So according to @AP92 we can’t do 70mm anyway.

I’ll sort it out for tomorrow

I’m not a great fan of doing the Lord of the Rings AllNighter again. I realise we have a whole load of new freshers who won’t have seen them in the cinema before, and that we’d probably make money (well, 3 films instead of 6 and we’re hardly likely to be able to lose money) but it just seems really boring. Not to mention the age old discussion of whether we have the theatrical versions (on film, or I guess they’re available digitally) or the special editions which is what most people would have seen on DVD or Blu-Ray but I don’t know if they are available theatrically.

A loose theming to a night seems less restrictive and repetitive to me - so although A Night Of Nolan was good, it was pretty hard going, and a whole night of Disney/Pixar could’ve turned me into a diabetic. Broader themes like “Action & Adventure” or “Action Comedy” or “Musicals” might work (though again 6 films with people bursting into song could be regarded as hard going).

Could we look at what has done well for us in terms of classic films in previous terms and base something around having one or two of those or their genre within an AllNighter? Back To The Future, Die Hard, Indiana Jones, Top Gun, that kind of thing.

So for an action and adventure,kick off with something big and recent to get an audience interested and on the seats

Follow up with something recent-ish but ridiculous where people will think “what the hell is that” but when 200 people see it and react together it’s still a great movie (past efforts have included Deep Rising, Deep Impact)

Have a classic or two in there like True Lies (a film that really needs the big screen to be worth watching) and/or Armageddon

At least then we have something that theoretically appeals to more people even though a lower proportion of them are going to turn up than the number to whom a LOTR All Nighter appeals (I would guess).

Why not have 2 AllNighters…

As it stands, I don’t think we should have Nightmare on Elm Street, as it has been about 2 years since we last shown that (although there was a debarkle over which version it was if I remember correctly). I would make that the LOTR AllNighter, because whilst it hasn’t been that long, it has a cult following and people really enjoyed it. I am sure @OrangeLad can come up with some ideas on how to make it more special for the audience!

I love the idea of a “Classics” AllNighter, where all the films are great old films like BTTF, Ghostbusters and stuff like that. However, I realize it would be expensive, impractical and could tire people out quickly.

Having said all this, I fear that, with a themed AllNighter, you run the risk of not getting people interested enough to get people to buy a ticket. Whilst all the films in the Night of Nolan are great in there own right, having them one after the other gets people worn out. The only reason why the Pixar one did better, was because Pixar has a large following. Same with LOTR. The “Classics” AllNighter may work…

I feel a genre AllNighter, like the “Action & Adventure” one proposed, would work as well :smile:

Just an idea…

We have tried two All Nighters before in one term (Spring 2014). Staffing them is hard, admittedly that was the time we had the LoTR all in 35mm which cuts down on the number of projectionists available.

Also we had a very poor turn out for the second All Nighter (A Night of Nolan). There are a number reasons why this may have happened ranging from bad naming, to bad publicity, but it suggests that we should be cautious when putting on two All Nighters.

What might be interesting though is having the “non-cult” first to attract people who just like the idea of an All Nighter. Then have the cult film second because the strong following will attract a crowd that’s happier with going to two All Nighters in one term.

@stevela any chance of a 35mm film on a weekend? I would quite like an excuse to project something :blush:

edit: ignore that, I really don’t know my uni weeks anymore.

I think it will be alright to staff a LOTR all-nighter if we make it digital (perhaps have Fellowship in 35mm for nostalgia’s sake). We should hopefully have two more digital projectionists and most probably two more 35mm projectionists (sobs), plus there have been stewards who have been quite keen about a LOTR all-nighter.

I was thinking as another all-nighter we could have an Edgar Wright one. I realise we’ve just had Shaun of the Dead, but due to that film’s re-watchability and people’s affection towards others like Hot Fuzz I think it could attract an audience. Plus if we could get Spaced (I’ve sent off some inquiries) it would form a full allnigher https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FHyF6UtwFBlAJ2oOlrvnr8GQklds5xYps_H9nCeDW80/edit?usp=sharing


Yeah staffing a digital LOTR All Nighter should be pretty easy (unless some else want to try projecting an entire 35mm All Nighter, it’s fun in a very masochistic kinda way).

I personally would a avoid a film director themed All Nighter (unless that director is Spielberg or Lucas) because most people don’t seem to connect good films with their directors. That definitely felt true for the Night of Nolan where most people I talked to had no idea who Christopher Nolan was, or what he had directed.

An Edgar Wright All Nighter might work, but I suspect you’re going to need to call it a Simon Pegg All Nighter, or something similar, otherwise people are just gonna be confused :disappointed:.

Something that might work could be a Hugh Grant All Nighter. That way we are targeting two very different demographics for each All Nighter, which will avoid audience fatigue.

Or perhaps pyjama party movies e.g. Sixteen Candles, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, Cruel Intentions, She’s All That, etc. We could also have a competition of best pyjama costume :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha no. Perhaps if it were 1 or 2 generations ago. I feel like Hugh Grant in a dinosaur for girls in our generation.

10 Things I Hate About You is amazing!!!

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I’ve been told to inform that you are wrong…something something…it’s the films that Hugh Grant is in that are great, also Bridget Jones is a timeless classic (not sure what the relevance is).

But a pyjama party All Nighter could work, would also be a great break from our more traditional All Nighter recipe.

Updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VtU_MP65Q88U7TX8dOKEqFHUodMhppY1DKoaXCB6Az8/edit?usp=sharing

Any q’s please leave them here. This schedule has been sent off to be booked, but minor changes can still be made :thumbsup:

What’s with the hole on Friday Week 6?

Essentially, it’s hard to find more films to fill that gap. I wouldn’t put one of the weekday films on it and a lot of other films aren’t available for booking.