Spring Term 2019 - Suggestions

Hi all,

It’s time to start thinking about our schedule for next term! We’re currently hard at work putting it together, but as always we’d love to hear any suggestions anyone may have!

We currently have our programming meeting planned for Wednesday, Week 7, with the room and time to be confirmed (when they are, a Facebook event will be made). But if you can’t make that, this is the next best place to suggest your ideas to us.

Feel free to post any film you think could be a great addition to the schedule below. This can be old or new, anything that comes to mind really!

We’ll post a rough draft of the schedule within the next few days to take a look at too, so keep an eye out for that. You can also post any thoughts you have into the ‘filmsuggestions’ channel of the FilmSoc slack.

That’s it for now, suggest away!

Lots of love from your humble films officers, Josh and Alice

Update: We return with the location and time - S0.08 from 2 - 3pm! As well as a very ''work in progress" draft of the schedule here: DRAFT Spring 2019 WSC.xlsx - Google Sheets

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For the past few years, the Spring Term AllNighters have done a bit disappointingly, I suspect because by the time Term 2 Week 7 comes around, people are focused a lot more on preparing for exams/end of term assignments, and might not be willing to give up what in effect will be a whole weekend for an AllNighter. However, I think that there’s one exception which would get people to come that late in the term - a Lord of the Rings AN, which is probably overdue anyway. I recognise that people might be a bit wary about having two big themed ANs in a year, but we could squeeze an extra random AN in towards the start of term so we have some variety over the course of the year.

So, I’d suggest doing something along the lines of:

  • Week 3: non-themed AllNighter
  • Week 7: LotR AllNighter

This would basically end up looking like what happened in Spring 2016 (besides the non-LotR AN in that term being themed) - which, while before my time, didn’t seem to go too badly.

Can we show La La Land… maybe on Valentine’s Day?

The alternative way of looking at this is that non-themed AllNighters are generally harder to promote and also harder to “pin down” to a certain type of audience, as these are traditionally the ones that have done worse. Perhaps a reasonable compromise would be a very loose theme (more in line with the pyjama party, rather than “the films of DiCaprio”). There were some who felt that having two AllNighters in the one term took away from the non-LotR one’s attendance, but overall I liked the idea. I think this is a really sensible suggestion also in that it means we can put off the “when do we do handover?” discussion and also keeps both the LotR and non-LotR AllNighter fanbases happy (conveniently for me, I straddle the two). The question now is… 35mm (ok, maaaybe some 35mm – though, tbf, if we can do 8 HP films we can do three LotR films, right?) theatrical versions or digital-only extended editions.

Whilst I’m on my 35mm horse, can I suggest some of:

  • The Room (pleeeeease)
  • Apocalypse Now
  • One of the films @ap92 wanted
  • Jurassic Park, if Universal will stop being awful now
  • Toy Story 3 (:wink::wink::wink:) realistically saving this for T1 next year does make sense
  • The Notebook (alternative for Valentine’s?)
  • Carol was a good shout IMO


I just have one request but I would be so so happy if we could show it.

Could we show Back to the Future pls?? It’s my favourite film and It would be the best experience in the world to be able to watch it in a big screen, (and maybe even in 35mm!)

Plus on a more filmsoc side, I feel like it would do very well :slight_smile:

(also, it’s a grea film)


But @AP92, is it as grea as the HP Marathon? :thinking:

It all looks good to me - I don’t have too much to say. I just wonder whether Creed 2 would maybe be worth a double - I think the original did alright when we showed it, even in term 3 (from vague recollections - I’m sure someone will scramble to prove me wrong, though!).

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Despicable Me (original 35mm)
Back to the Future (35mm) such a grea film
GoldenEye (35mm)
Both Italian Jobs (mini and MINI) 35mm original


INGLORIOUS BASTARDS (35mm) This always does REALLY well and quite frankly it is a great film :slight_smile: <3

Hi! That schedule looks great :slight_smile: I don’t know if it’s too late to make suggestions for the last few slots, but if it’s not then here are a couple films I’d love to see at WSC:

  • Alien
  • Battle Royale
  • The House That Jack Built
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • American Honey


I’ve had a look at the updated draft schedule and it just keeps getting better! :heart: I assume Suspiria is meant to be a midnight film, though? If any kind of horror is going to warrant that slot this very much feels like it.

I’ve heard very good things about The Old Man and the Gun so perhaps this is one to think about? Also, in terms of “no-brainer tentpoles” coming up, I’m curious about the lack of Overlord, Mortal Engines, Bumblebee (which I’m praying will be all the better for its lack of Bayhem), Stan and Ollie and Glass (perhaps The Favourite too, but also perhaps that’s not really for our audience). In the past I know films officers have been tempted to try to ‘save’ things for term 3, but also I’ve never really got the feeling that that’s worked all that well and there’s almost always enough Easter releases to fill out a schedule. Also, obligatry plug that we have enough surplus-turning films here to add Mondays back if you add in a handful of the collabs we’ll have to turn down, without even having to look at more “obscure” releases (obviously I’m a big fan of these too!).

In terms of film, now that The Room is on there I would willingly prostrate myself before you pleading for the 35mm print. Also, I mentioned this privately but please can 70mm The Sound of Music not have a double slot, because @resbh will die or set something on fire in an exhausted stupor.

On a slightly more obscure note, there is a 70mm print of Star! that was a musical starring Julie Andrews pitched very much (and apparently somewhat misleadingly) as a sequel to The Sound of Music. It’s probably a bit too out-there to get an audience, but I thought I’d mention it.

All nighter idea: Musicals

High school musical
A star is born
Into the woods
West side story
Sweeney Todd
Dr Horrible’s sing along blog
Moulin Rouge
La La Land

I also think lotr would be good as a second all nighter.

That’s a long AllNighter!

What Matt Potter and I put together on the bus for an allnighter:

I’m a big fan of Iain’s idea for the two all-nighters though too

For a non-LotR AllNighter, I think it could be a good idea to have a popular new film in there too, and perhaps build the theme around that.

To cater for the vast chinese population on campus, I was wondering if House of Flying Daggers would be considered? I think it could please a lot cinephiles as well with it being a beautifully shot martial arts love story. I think any chinese film would need a lot of reaching out/collaborating with the chinese societies to get people interested though because they already have a film night (I think).

Blazing Saddles!!

Blades of glory (35mm)

I guess it’s probably too late for Term 2, but A Private War?

Please please please can The Old Man & The Gun be on the final schedule? It’s great and deserves to be seen.