Spring Term 2020 (PROPOSED) Schedule

Good day to you all.

It’s time to release the 1st public draft of the schedule for next term! It was quite fun to have a crack at another schedule after having experienced the process last time around. As always, we want the opinions of absolutely everybody as to what they think about the schedule through such methods as…

And now without further adieu, the schedule (don’t forget it has 2 sheets)…

The Link: WSC Schedule - Spring 2020 - Public Edition.xlsx

Thank You & Good Night.

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But the above email address is correct and the one I use for comms

Naz you really shouldn’t be using a gmail address for comms (with who?) when FilmSoc provides you with a professional email address. Please never use this email (gmail) to contact people in industry as not only does it reflect badly on the society, but also it will not pass to your successor so it makes future contacts difficult after a handover.

If you need any help setting it up to send or receive from it please let me know I’d be happy to help you use it.


A few comments, less about the content but rather about the structure:

  • Having been the main proponent of having an AllNighter in Week 3 last year (or more specifically, two AllNighters in Wk3+Wk7), I’d be wary of doing one that early. There’s a real danger of it being severely under-promoted due to the very limited amount of time leading it up to it once term starts. It would be a shame to see an AllNighter like this with a lot of potential attract so few people due to timing, as sadly happened last year (I mean, that Devil Wears Prada/Jurassic Park/Bad Times at the El Royal/Grand Budapest Hotel/Ferris Bueller combo was gold). I’ll also note that there’s a danger of leaving it too late in Term 2, as people start getting their heads down for exam season.
  • As I think might’ve been mentioned last time, while AllNighters were on Saturdays in 18-19, this gives people very little recovery time before the start of the week, compared to Fridays, which is when they were before 18-19.
  • Also on AllNighters, I’m not quite sure what you meant by the reference to the HP Marathon, but that, while a great event, felt much too long, and I wouldn’t recommend replicating that length.
  • It’s nice to have some special event on Friday/Saturday Week 7 to coincide with handover. It doesn’t have to be an AllNighter - last year was the lovely (albeit underattended) BTTF Marathon.

We’re probably going to need to dedicate a proper chunk of time at the programming meeting to discussing how much we can stake on an AllNighter when mired in overdraft. As Iain alludes to, if that virtually perfect line-up can flop then nothing is gonna be “safe”.

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Hey Naz! I can see you’ve put lots of work in the schedule and it makes me really happy. I do have a lot of points to raise so I’ll start on here as I don’t think one hour on Wednesday be enough to get through much:

• I disagree with Meeting Gorbachev, Butch Cassidy and Easy Rider being on the schedule. Meeting Gorbachev will attract more or less 3 people, and in general I don’t see why it should take up a slot. Sure if the History Society/Department wants to collab we could put it on on a Wednesday, but otherwise I see no value in adding it to the schedule. Butch Cassidy and Easy Rider are just not popular enough (in my humble female opinion) and target a very specific audience which is already covered by some of the other films (Le Mans 66’…) really doesn’t fill many seats in L3.
• The Gentlemen does NOT deserve a double slot, it barely deserves a slot at all. Same for Bad Boys for Life – I would bet it’s going to flop and I wouldn’t even want it on the schedule, but I can understand some kind of appeal, but definitely NOT for a double slot.
• 3 Idiots should also not be a double, and I think there’s significantly better options as far as Bollywood goes. I strongly propose Sholay as it’s a classic, it can be a great introduction to Bollywood films for the general audience and it’s a blast. Plenty of men there too :slight_smile:
• Midnight screenings! Doctor Sleep could easily be a midnight screening and I think the remake of The Grudge could be another one later in term (week 6?)
• No True Romance on the schedule, but make Clueless a double instead? Easy to market!
• I really like the ‘decade in review’ idea for the all-nighter. Strong agree on Inside Out Mad Max, I’d like to see Get Out on there as a horror, Bridesmaids as a comedy and possibly a sci-fi (Arrival would be great); in my dreams a foreign film on there would be awesome, maybe The Wind Rises, but I don’t really know. Moonlight would be great alternative. Right now it’s just a lot of men doing things… So:

  • Inside Out
  • Mad Max
  • Arrival
  • Get Out
  • Bridesmaids
  • The Wind Raises (maybe)/Moonlight/something

• I think the Farewell has the potential to be a double more then Le Mans 66’
• Bombshell as the film about International Women’s Day is… not great. I think it’d be cool if we screened a documentary (like we’re doing with Apollo 11 this year), maybe She’s Beautiful when she’s angry.
• Portrait of a Lady on Fire should absolutely be on the schedule
• Pub quiz! Week 2 would be a perfect spot for it again.
• Cats should be on the schedule, just for the cast. I mean, Taylor Swift in a film is really easy to market
• As Alex mentioned, I think Forrest Gump could be a great film to select from the list the two crowdfunding supporters gave us, and it could even be able to withstand the weight of a double as there aren’t that many blockbusters coming out next term.
• Green week!!! I insist we should screen something, I still back Anthropocene which has received limited release in very independent cinemas so I think they’d be interested. And there are SO many green societies on campus it WILL do well
• To make the Language Society and a massive Warwick community happy, I definitely think a Mandarin-speaking film should be on: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; House of Flying Daggers; Hero; Eat Drink Man Woman are all great candidates
• Little Women should be double! And why is it free for members :frowning:
• If we put the all-nighter on Friday of week 5, that’s great for many Humanities students because it’s the weekend before reading week and we’ll have even more reasons not to care about sleep :slight_smile:
• Basically, films I would like to see on there: Abominable, The Chambermaid, Cats, Good Posture, Sholay, Monos, Forrest Gump, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, double Clueless, double Forrest Gump (maybe?), The Rhythm Section, Chinese film, green week film, a better international women’s day film, some midnight screenings etc.
• Films that I think could handle the double slot: Doctor Sleep but as midnight, The Farewell, (Pub quiz Sat week2), Little Women, Grudge (midnight), Forrest Gump, Clueless, and all the ones you’ve already picked! I also think I prefer the Midnight Traveller to By The Grace of God but I’m not really sure about either!

This is just a lot of food for thought and a lot of it I’m not sure about either but I’m very excited for next term!

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I have a few points of my own which I will note here for discussion over Discourse or on Wednesday:

  • Movies that could go: Judy and Punch, Driven, Jay and Silent Bob all seem quite weak (I have limited knowledge about these. Please tell me if you think they’re really good!)
    – Beautiful day in the Neighbourhood seems too US localised. Not sure many would be interested.
    – True Romance seems a bit meh; I agree with Marta that it could go from the schedule. This being said, I do like the idea of a couple of older movies on digital (preferably ones that can’t be 35mm-ed).
  • I completely agree with this. I would also add that Jumanji may be too old by then to acquire enough of an audience for a double.
  • I have no strong opinions about either of these movies, but I think there’s quite a difference between a classic Western and Le Mans 66’. I feel as if Butch Cassidy could stay, for the sake of genre variety and its cult classic status. However I wouldn’t mind it being replaced by something similar. I also have plenty of suggestions for good 35mm cult classics (Catch Me If You Can could be nice)
  • I enjoyed 3 Idiots, plus it is relatable as a “Going to Uni” movie, kinda. Again, no strong feelings about its existance on the schedule, although I agree that a double wouldn’t be a good idea, partly because the movie lasts 2h 50m (And Sholay lasts 3h 24m!)

  • Doctor Sleep would be a nice midnight one

  • Like Marta’s All-Nighter suggestions, plus Green Week and Mandarin-speaking film ideas.

  • We must ensure that all 35mm shows are well spaced and on do-able days for Projes. They might well be fine; just something to check

  • Genre Note: IMDB seemed to classify most of the films on the schedule as “Dramas”. It’s probably just a widely applied label, and I have no issue with the genre, it just might be good to have some more films in certain genres (e.g. Another Sci-fi - 35mm Minority Report?!)

  • Queen and Slim looks good, but couldn’t we have it a bit earlier? This is worth checking for all the films on the schedule, as now that we book our own, we need to take advantage of closer-to-release screenings.

  • Parasite seems like a very intriguing film. It might be a bit of a gamble to make it a double, but I would support it.

  • I completely agree with Iain’s sentiment; We should be careful, as we can’t afford to lose that much money in our current situation.

  • …but then it’s not a mystery, is it? In all seriousness, I want this to be guarded religiously this year, as last year (IIRC), the film was put on in part because it had been frequently requested by a member of the Exec, only for it to be spoiled for them (semi-accidentally) by someone who shouldn’t have known in the first place. I don’t want to rant or point fingers here, but I don’t really see the point of having a mystery film if everyone knows what it is.

I look forward to revisiting these points on Wednesday! :slight_smile:

I kind of like the premise of Judy and Punch; all the other ones can go for me too, but I can’t say I know much about any of them so I’ll listen to people with a clearer idea of what the value of these films is!

There’s a bit of Oscar hype for this so worth keeping on (I think)

Yes agree! I was referring more to Le Mans 66’ and Easy Rider :slight_smile: I know nothing about Westerns; I just know I hate them so I’m painfully biased!

Very good point I did not think of! it’s just a classic and v fun

  • Yeah, this is more or less my position at the moment :slight_smile:

Would it be worth considering putting it on after The Oscars (9/2/20) then? That certainly worked wonders for The Favourite (Of course, it would have to win one first :smiley: )

Ah fair enough. I haven’t seen many Westerns either tbf. I might consider pushing for No Country for Old Men (An honourary Western) if nothing else. I saw it for the first time recently and am a big fan!

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of. Ideally, we’d screen it quite early to allow people to get the last bus!

I agree with 95% of the above so probably not much point reiterating it as I expect the team at the programming meeting will decide to make plenty of changes.

Just some important FYIs for everyone:

  • Licencing issues we discussed last term have not gone away. This means:
    • 3 IDIOTS is still not showable – Reliance Entertainment don’t actually have a UK presence and we’ve been unable to contact them since they don’t have any current UK releases and haven’t for a while.
    • GHOST IN THE SHELL is also still not showable until the two distributors who reckon the other has the rights decide amongst themselves (which, I suspect, will be upon it’s next re-release).
    • AKIRA may be showable but was being “rested” until “at LEAST the start of the new year” (with the decision still to be made on timing) so best to steer clear of this. Plenty of nice Ghibli we can show now though and this always gets such a good reaction from the anime fans as well as just everyone really (probably nice to show some of the stuff we’ve not been able to have in a while too, rather than us just dragging up the two “fanboy” titles again and again and looking like we’re cashing-in a bit).
  • SHE’S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE’S ANGRY got no cinema release and isn’t even on Blu-ray as far as I can tell, so that’s gonna have to be a no, which sucks :cry:
  • The 35mm print of TRUE ROMANCE that the PCC shows doesn’t belong to the distributor (the PCC are friendly with the Warner Media Archive – we’ll get access eventually I’m sure, now we’re in a post-Simon world!) so if the lukewarm reception from members here/at the PM continues I guess there’s so real reason to show this (other than the “joke”) over anything better known now?
  • What we’ve had late confirmation DOES exist in 35mm though is the much-sought-after BRIDESMAIDS. Again I’ve zero interest in it personally but given the universal clamouring last term from members to have it on I’ve zero doubt it’d do exceptionally well, and it’s absurdly cheap to licence/hire compared to films from other distributors so I’d say it’s a must.

Yep – this literally always happens! Google too. :joy:

Oh, no cinema release (so far!) for this either :frowning:

Yes very aware! But I know it’s been shown in very very independent cinemas (one I go to frequently in Milan too, and it’s… very small) and very very minor small UK green film festivals, so it might be worth a shot? I know nothing about booking though, so I might be aggressively wrong!

So, technically its lack of BBFC rating means we can’t show it at the moment anyway. I know they’re looking for international distribution and I suspect they’ll probably get it at some point. As far as I can find, it’s only getting shown at festivals (certainly in the UK) at the moment so I think we’re just going to have to play the waiting game.

Oh, and also, here’s my plug for (35mm) WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN again! Lynne Ramsay <3

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