Spring Term Suggestions Page!

It does look like a pretty good film indeed.

The Prestige? It is one of the best films ever me thinks, plus, i love Michael Cain

The Prestige is quite good indeed, though The Illusionist is much better :slight_smile: [Edward Norton rulz]. Still, both were shown back in 2007 (spring term if memory serves) and I don’t think they are massive enough to justify breaking the three-year rule.
Also, next term’s schedule is pretty much definitive now, though have we got a list of alternatives in case films are pulled?
In which case, Rob, do you want to start a “general suggestions” thread?

The schedule is indeed set in stone, and we already have some reserves, including Where the Wild Things Are, The Box and Paranormal Activity.

Anyone who wants to open another thread with suggestions is more than welcome to do so, though since i’m not actively seeking them at the moment, I shan’t do so.

Still think 2001 could be good if we can get hold of it (or I just may want to see it on the big screen :P)