Star Trek

Seems like fans like it - especially those who got a big surprise from Leonard Nimoy!

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It is starting to sound more promising but I think I’ll still have to reserve judgement until it comes out. The trailers looked entertaining but not very Star Trek.

After having seen the film I think I’ll basically stick with what I thought before watching it. It was definitely a good film (better than I expected) but I didn’t think it really felt like a Star Trek film and definitely isn’t a Wrath of Khan beater.

he craaazy:

[quote=“kathryn”]he craaazy:

it’s a stupidly hilarious story!! :lol: and you gotta admire his dedication…

It amuses me that his wife left him before he did this, and not because he did this.

Friggin’ awesome :!: :smiley:

Seemingly fans didn’t like it… :roll:

Not sure I agree with all of that. I thought the new Star Trek film made far less sense than the older ones (the good ones at least).

There are good reasons why Star Trek fans may dislike it though.

Spoillers below:

[size=9]After all, it alters history so none of the previous Star Trek series happened (with the exception of Enterprise I suppose but I doubt that would make anyone happier :? ).[/size]

I think this particular Star Trek movie is the favourite of the franchise for at least two members… :roll: :wink:

Dare i ask who :?: :!:

I just saw it this afternoon. Like George, I thought it was quite a good sci-fi in its own right (apart from a slightly confused storyline) but the classic Trek elements seemed rather contrived and almost out of place. And despite usually liking Simon Pegg, he kinda pissed me off as Scotty. Though I never have seen the original series so feel almost treaherous to offer an opinion about it all. Massive TNG fan though :slight_smile:

Oh, and despite any negativities from die-hards it seems to be doing rather well on IMDb:
Currently rated #71 (of all time) with over 50 000 votes!

I doubt it’ll stay there. Films often seem to appear high on the IMDB top 250 when they come out and drop down as more people see it. Having said that though it does seem to have gone down fairly well with non-trekies.

i *loved * him as scotty!!! but i was disappointed that i didn’t hear, ‘beam me up scotty!’ anywhere :frowning:

That was actually part of what got me about the film: too many clichés for the sake of it. I actually cringed a little bit when they squeezed in “I’m given it all she’s got!” . . but I also smirked a little, so I can see the value. I’m just being snooty!


i *loved * him as scotty!!! but i was disappointed that i didn’t hear, ‘beam me up scotty!’ anywhere :frowning: [/quote]

And why should you?



i *loved *[/quote]

him as scotty!!! but i was disappointed that i didn’t hear, ‘beam me up scotty!’ anywhere :frowning:

And why should you? [/quote]

is that not one of the star trek catchphrases?? :? or have i heard it from somewhere else??

Natalie’s post links to a wikipedia article. It basically says ‘beam me up scotty!’ is paraphrasing what was actually said in Star Trek and has become a catchprase for it even though it was itself never said in exactly that form.

Thanks George. :smiley: Maybe you should speak for me more often.

Wait a minute… :?

oh, i thought natalie was just writing in a pretty colour :lol: