Star Wars

Me and Natalie have been on a bit of a Star Wars marathon so I thought I’d put up a topical poll…

That’s tough. I’m not sure my favourite is the film I consider the best.

That’s a good description of my opinions. My favourite is the original, but I would probably describe Empire as being the best.

Let’s hope Ed doesn’t get his hands on this poll…

What’s the point of being an Admin and the IT Officer if you can’t play with things like this? :twisted:

If one of the new films wins we know who to blame. :x

Interesting to see the completely even split across the three old films :loneranger:

Are we to assume that it was Ed who voted for Episode II :huh:

I was quite surprised by that too. I was expecting Episode 5 to win easily and was actually worried that the other classic films might be neglected in the votes (maybe even falling behind one of the newer ones :shock ).

6 is winning now :shock

As an interesting comparison, here’s the results from a similar poll run by IMDB: